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Our Certificate

About Us

Barcan İlaçlama Fumigasyon

BARCAN Fumigation is one of the leading establishments providing professional fumigation services with its 18 year business experience and professional technical fumigation team in the fields of Pest Control and Fumigation services. Carrying out research-development studies that lead all innovations emerge in the business, BARCAN Fumigation using the latest fumigation technologies and systems and produces the most effective solutions. Paying ultimate care and attention to its experienced personnel's training, BARCAN Fumigation adopts the principle of always capturing the best in the training activities it carries out periodically.

BARCAN fumigation is using pesticides and systems that are totally safe and cause no harm to human health and environment and certified by the WHO, Turkish Republic Ministry of Health and International Pest Control Association.

Keeping human health above all monetary earnings, BARCAN Fumigation has adopted as its primary mission to make life more comfortable by killing all pests, insects and rodents to become useful to nature in environment and health matters increasing living standards.

Why BARCAN Fumigation?

Barcan İlaçlama Fumigasyon

Here you can access detailed information about FUMIPHOS we use in our fumigation treatments.

Provides fumigation and public health services only since these are its unique field of profession. It is a leading establishment that respects its corporate existence and clients and follows up sector's developments and provides our customers with our best services.

  • Securing the required hygiene at the treatment area,
  • Visual discomfort given by rodents, creepers and other insects,
  • Prevent insects from contaminating foodstuffs,
  • Prevent the unpleasantness of guests visiting the place,
  • Protect our garden and indoor plants from harms,
  • Prevent physical harm caused by insects to humans,

Quality Policy

Barcan İlaçlama Fumigasyon

Always renewing itself with the Research - Development studies, having a dynamic structure and aiming at achieving contribution to the community life with the commercial activities it performs, BARCAN Fumigation always and under all conditions adheres to the following quality policy.

  • Follow up the world technology with continuous trading
  • Provide pioneering and developing competition inn the business
  • Enhance continuity of its institutional existence, quality systems and efficieny
  • Precisely abide by the laws and rules in implementation
  • Use best quality pesticides and systems that are safe for human and environment health
  • Providing guaranteed solutions, enhance customer's satisfaction
  • Evaluation and reporting the applied solutions scientifically

BARCAN Fumigation Customer Satisfaction Policy

  • Customers are our essential reason of existence that has a very important role in our winning or losing a customer.
  • We always find the most effective solutions to meet our customers' needs and let them feel that we care for them.
  • We never promise our customers for work we cannot do or for works we feel we would not obtain effective results from.
  • We provide our customers with satisfactory after-sale services after selling them products and services.
  • We never discriminate our clients according to their personality or their business sector. We always bear in mind that all our clients have the right to get quality services.
  • We act with the consciousness that we are obliged to find the most satisfactory solutions for our customers by listening to them and considering their feelings and thoughts and act at their request
  • We approach all our customers with a deep self-confidence making them say “BARCAN Fumigation thinks of the best for me and finds the most proper solution for me”